Organizational structure

FPM ASBL has a structured and effective corporate governance. It is composed of a General Assembly, a Board of Directors and an Audit Committee.

The General Assembly, composed of seven “full members”, elects the members of the other two governance bodies. The Board of Directors, composed of three members, is the strategic steering body of FPM ASBL. The Audit Committee, composed of three independent members , ensures that practices comply with governance rules set out in policies, procedures and other statutory texts.

The management team consisting of the Chief executive officer (CEO), the Chief Operations Officer (COO) and the Chief Finance Officer (CFO), is supported by the Advisor, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. It is surrounded by a team of mid-level managers. The technical support team (internal and external) is shared with FPM SA.

Consultants who work on technical assistance projects are external to FPM ASBL. They are recruited on an ad hoc basis by the FPM team.

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