Strategy and Segmentation

FPM ASBL interventions aim to support, in a sustainable way, the construction and development of an inclusive and responsible financial system, by providing technical assistance services adapted to financial institutions serving MSMEs, with a real development potential. These objectives are achieved through three market segments

FPM SA Management Team
  • Build a core of solid and sustainable institutions, offering quality products and services adapted to the needs of their clients;
  • Develop a pool of professional, competent human resources, with mastery of international best practices in the field;
  • Improve access to basic financial products and services through national coverage and the promotion of innovations, for a better diversification of the offer of PFIs.

These objectives are achieved through three market segments:

 1. Local initiative Savings and Credit Cooperatives, microfinance institutions (MFIs)

For this segment, FPM ASBL interventions aim to reduce institutional risks of partner financial institutions. This improves their institutional and refinancing capacities, which ultimately increases the impact of partner financial institutions on MSMEs.

2. International microfinance institutions and MSME banks

Here, the interventions of FPM ASBL aim at the adoption by partner financial institutions of best management practices, but also a better market penetration through the improvement of scope indicators, product diversification and better national coverage.

3. Commercial banks targeting SMEs

The interventions here aim to integrate SMEs as a segment of banks’ clients, through the establishment of an SME department and an adapted management framework.

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