Signature of the financing contract between the FPM SA and the MFI HEKIMA in GOMA, on Wednesday 12/08/2021

17 Aug 2021
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FPM SA represented by its General Manager, Mr. Carlos KALAMBAY KABANGU signed, this Thursday 12 August 2021 at the headquarters of HEKIMA in the city of Goma a financing contract in favor of the MFI HEKIMA, represented by its General Manager M. Laurent Daddy YAMBA MENAYAME.

In this time of health crisis and natural disasters that affect the province and by ricochet, the micro, small and medium enterprises, the FPM SA has deemed useful to support the MFI HEKIMA by granting a loan of 24 months maturity.  This financial support will allow the latter to increase its credit portfolio. The loans will be intended for micro and small enterprise clients.

The HEKIMA MFI is a microfinance institution operating in the Kivu regions (North and South Kivu) and was created in 2003 by World Relief, with financial support from USAID. It has undergone two institutional transformations: in 2007 it became a 2nd category microcredit company (without the possibility of collecting savings), then in 2017 with the support of the FPM ASBL it became a microfinance company, where it expanded its product and service offering (including savings).

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