Our projects

FPM ASBL serves a variety of financial institutions

FPM ASBL managed 131 projects between January 2011 and December 2017, of which 46 direct technical assistance projects for 23 PFIs and 85 transversal technical assistance projects, of which 46 training sessions, 26 forums and 13 market studies.

By the end of 2017 MFIs of national-initiative and cooperatives had received nearly 39% of total resources allocated to direct technical assistance, and commercial banks and international microfinance institutions 61%.

Some of our projects: a particular focus on MSME development and innovations

Over the past five years, FPM ASBL has developed and led many technical assistance projects.

Development and management of the MSME segment for the benefit of banks and MFIs

  1. Design and development of an SME strategy within a commercial bank
  2. Revitalization of the SME segment in an international MFI
  3. Market studies for SME financing
  4. Training on credit analysis for MSMEs
  5. Training on the management of the SME credit portfolio
  6. MSME Funding Access Forum

Control, internal audit and risk management

  1. Strengthening the internal control system in banks that have introduced SME financing
  2. Strengthening the internal control and audit system in microfinance institutions and cooperatives
  3. Consolidation of banking risk management system
  4. Implementation of an active – passive financial risk management system
  5. Training in the areas of control, internal audit and risk management
  6. Forum on liquidity risk prevention in a period of financial crisis

Financial management and accounting

  1. Overhaul of the accounting and financial system of MFIs and cooperatives
  2. Accounting preparation project for migration to new information management systems
  3. Improving the transparency of financial information for financial institutions and cooperatives
  4. Training in the new accounting system for microfinance institutions and cooperatives
  5. Accounting training to prepare for migration to OHADA Law (Organisation for the Harmonisation of Business Law in Africa)

Information management system

  1. Audit engagement of the information management systems of MFIs and cooperatives
  2. Preparation and migration operation to new information management systems
  3. Automation of management flows to improve the efficiency of banks and MFIs

Products Development and Innovation

  1. Development of innovative savings products
  2. Development of agricultural finance products
  3. Development and implementation of private and international cards adapted to the SME market
  4. Development and implementation of alternative channels for the distribution of financial services by POS (Points of sale)

Governance, Strategy and Organisation

  1. Audit and strengthening of governance systems of MFIs and cooperatives
  2. Strategic repositioning of MFIs and cooperatives
  3. Optimization of organizational structures of banks, MFIs and cooperatives
  4. Development of business plans for MFIs and cooperatives

Some examples

  1. For an optimal integration of the SME segment into Congolese banking dynamics: FPM model. Case of the Bank Of Africa
  1. Computerization of the Information Management System (MIS). Case of the cooperative CAHI
  2. Implementation of an internal control system. Case of the MFI HEKIMA
  3. Forums for funding access to MSME

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