FPM 2020 training program launched

11 Mar 2020
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Since 2012, the FPM ASBL has been organizing certification training programs, the main aim of which is to encourage the emergence of competent and equipped human resources, to professionally exercise the professions essential to the proper functioning of institutions in terms of MSME financing in DR Congo.

Specifically, this training program involves:


– Provide training for participants according to best practices according to their business profile in finance ;

– Facilitate the sharing of varied experiences according to the objectives of each certificate.


1. Content of the 2020 training program

Through this program, the FPM ASBL provides training to the financial sector adapted to its needs. Each participant will be able to develop specific skills to improve the exercise of their daily tasks.

The training program includes:

Five certificates made up of two modules each:

  • Governance and risk management of microfinance institutions / CGAP;
  • Communication and marketing of financial institutions;
  • Ensure the functioning of microfinance (ILO);
  • Digital transformation;
  • Bank financial management: Mercursim.

And a specific module: National gender-sensitive financial education program with training for trainers;

An innovative blended learning approach:

  • 1 to 2 months of distance coaching, monitoring of the action plan;
  • 4 days face-to-face: case study, practical exercises and development of an action plan;
  • 1 to 2 months of distance coaching, monitoring of the action plan;
  • 4 days face-to-face: restitution, evaluation, presentation of certificates and closure of the program.

2.       Approach and methodology

In its new approach, the training program not only aims at certification in the trade, but also at the dissemination of best practices and specific support for the implementation of financial institutions’ training plans.

This program provides financial institution executives with training that meets their specific needs, in order to raise their level of knowledge and skills for the sound management of institutions. The trainings also help in the realization of the training plans of the same institutions.


In order to take into account, the needs related to the level of development of financial institutions and the technicality of their operations, the implementation of the training program takes into account the following aspects:


  • Certification by trade: for the constitution of a pool of competent people in different fields of management of financial institutions;
  • Dissemination of best practices: to raise the level of knowledge and competence of the functions essential to the sound management of financial institutions;
  • Specific support for the implementation of training plans for financial institutions: FPM ASBL can also develop customized training modules based on the training needs of an institution or group of institutions. These modules will result from the trainings identified in the internal training plans of each financial institution. Institutions wishing to have access to this type of training will have to respect the criteria defined by FPM ASBL. Without an internal training plan, this support would not be possible.

FPM ASBL’s training program is based on a practical pedagogy, based on professional situations involving:

  1. Exercises and practical cases: concrete exercises allowing to solve real cases encountered in company life and to validate the concepts learned. Each participant will identify (with his or her supervisor) a specific problem within his or her institution, for which he or she will have to find solutions thanks to the skills acquired during the training;
  2. Sharing of experiences: promotion of exchanges between the participants on their professional practices, the difficulties and constraints encountered and the solutions provided. This part is completed by a “workshop” at the end of each certificate.
  3. Situational exercises: simulation exercises in the form of role-playing between participants based on situations inspired by the professional context.


3.       The conditions of access to the training program are as follows:

– To be a financial institution based in the DRC;

– The trainings are paid for although FPM ASBL covers a large part of the costs (between 70% and 80%);

– The course schedules will be adapted to your schedule.


4.       Details of the training program: see the full program

Applications must be submitted from 2 March 2020.

Registration of participants is done at the following e-mail address [email protected], with a copy to: [email protected].

For further information, please contact the following numbers: +243 81 43 53 305 or +243 99 20 06 139.

A new donor has joined the FPM ASBL : French Development Agency
Gender Promotion through the National Financial Education Program (PNEF)

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