FPM and VisionFund, A Partnership for Strengthening the Financial Inclusion Process in the DRC

FPM has once again responded to its main mission by financially supporting VisionFund with a senior loan. To do this, FPM SA General Manager Carlos Kalambay Kabangu and his colleague Jacques Lom from Vision Fund DRC signed a partnership agreement early last November.

From left to right: Carlos Kalambay Kabangu, Managing Director of FPM SA and Jacques Lom Managing Director of Vision Fund RDC

This partnership is to support the local private sector, the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise “MSME” to access funding, in order to strengthen the process of financial inclusion in the DRC.

The two officials expressed their satisfaction with this agreement and hope that this partnership will continue to benefit more the Congolese SME, credits for the development of their companies and the improvement of the yield of their production.

“This very first partnership between the two institutions deserved formalization because this financial institution is the most recent in the Congolese financial sector,” said FPM SA General Manager Carlos Kalambay Kabangu. He said that: “FPM has a real pleasure to see this institution that has been buy out under rather chaotic conditions and that today it comes out of the water with results that are sufficiently satisfactory”.

According to VisionFund CEO Jacques Lom, “Its microfinance institution has a rural vocation but could also work with people in urban and peri-urban areas. He also said: “He has always wanted to work with the FPM SA and that this partnership will allow him to continue the development project of VisionFund in DRC”.

As a reminder, this partnership was made with the refinancing vehicle to financial institutions of FPM. FPM, Fund for Financial Inclusion in the DRC has a mission to contribute to poverty reduction by promoting the construction and development of an inclusive financial system. responsible, through a sustainable offer of financial services accessible to Micro and Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and the reintegration of the low-income population.

VisionFund DRC is a branch of VisionFund International, a Christian-based financial NGO. This institution believes in a brighter future for youth and aims to reduce the rate of poverty through support to households to increase their income. The institution thus focuses initially on group credits but gradually moves towards SMEs, thus aligning itself perfectly with the social mission of FPM.

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