Intervention domain

To achieve its objectives, FPM ASBL offers two types of services: direct technical assistance and transversal technical assistance.

1.Direct technical assistance: these interventions aim to strengthen the capacities of partner financial institutions. They reduce their institutional risks and increase their capacity to intervene in the provision of services to MSMEs. Projects cover six main areas:

  • Governance, strategy and organization
  • Downscaling / upscaling to target the SME market
  • Control, internal audit and risk management
  • Financial management and accounting
  • Management information system
  • Products development and innovation

To be eligible for direct technical assistance, financial institutions must first meet selection criteria. (See below for screening criteria.)

2.Transversal technical assistance: cross-cutting interventions are open to all actors in the sector, regardless of their level of development. No eligibility criteria are applied. There are two types of interventions, training sessions and forums as well as market studies.

  • Training & Forums: these are business-oriented training courses and forums, conferences organised on specific topics, often innovative for the sector, with the aim of promoting best practices.
  • Market studies: their aim is to analyze the potential for financial institutions to settle in underserved provinces.

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